The Thunder Roller, which was called the Tank before, is a vehicle in Blitz Brigade. It has 2500 HP and 5000 when upgraded. It deals between 900 and 1000, and between 1100 and 1200 when upgraded. After the Crimson Menace, is it the most powerful weapon of any vehicle, but is dragged down by its slow speed. There is a forward- and backward toggle and tank travels to where the cannon is aiming at, but is rather bulky. It is based off of the M4 Sherman medium tank used in World War II, but the exact model is unknown as it appears to use the body of an M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Sherman, the Turret of an M4A1 Sherman, and the 76 mm caliber cannon used in the M4A3E8 and M4A4 tanks. it may also use the 105 mm caliber cannon used in the Israeli M51 "Super Sherman" or the QF 17-pounder gun mounted on the British Sherman "Firefly".

Tank Edit

The was the first form of the Thunder Roller in Blitz Brigade. It's health level got increased in one of the updates before from 650 to 1000, but it has been renamed to Thunder Roller in the Vehicle Update, it got a new skin and different stats. Now, the original tank is still playable in the Training Missions with 1000 health.

Tips: Edit

  • Don't be fooled by its looks, as another vehicle can be taken down with enough team effort, which doesn't take much.
  • Try to avoid getting this monster stuck in any tight areas.
  • Aim at enemies that are in groups with the Tank's main cannon to clear a safe passage for the team.
  • Another tank has been added to Blitz Brigade, taking on the appearance of the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Ausf. E, with a health value of 6000, making it the strongest vehicle in the game. However, the turret traverse rate and movement speed is poor. It is easily spotted due to it's box-shaped appearance, however, beware of this tank and avoid any form of head-on combat, as you will be severely outgunned due to it's superior firepower and armor.
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