The Stars and Stripes is a hat for both factions in Blitz Brigade.

Soldier Duncan McCracken

The Straight Edge · The Lieutenant · The Ranger · The Distinguished Gentleman · Allied Kepi · The Chef

Albert Von Scharffenberger

The Billionaire · The Officer · The Constructor Destructor · The Incognito · The Cranberry Beret

Both factions

Santa's Little Helper · Slapdash Santa

Gunner Bryan "Butch" Johnson

Dimple Dandy · The Rough Rider · The Scrummage · The Trojan Force · The Alpine

‎‎Rolf Hartmann

The Forward Momentum · The Punching Bag · The Homemade Horror · The Shower Cap

Both factions

The Slay Rider

Medic Benjamin Taylor

The Oui Madame · MEDIC!!! · The Plumber · The Charleston · The Barrel of Shame

Aldo Arzt

The Cue Ball · Der Helmet · The Inner Child · The Doctor's Orders · The Quarantine

Both factions

The Peppermint

Stealth Francois Guillet

The Popped Collar · The Croque Monsieur · The Steel Horse · El Mariachi · The Scare Bear

‎‎Satoru Hokama

The Bearded One · The Crimson Death · The Hachimaki Headache · The Smiley · The Shark

Both factions

The Fan Service · The Snowman

Sniper Yegor Zimov

The Follicly Challenge · The Nordic Terror · The Bad Hair Day · The Beanie Meanie

‎‎Fabio Bellini

The No-Hat · The Cardinal · The Mummy Dearest · The Hole in One · The Inglorious Clucker

Both factions

The William Tell · The Holiday Surprise · Face Baster

Demolisher Karl Polzin

The Stash · The Default · The Iron Soldier · The Paladin · The Welder

‎‎Alberto Donati

The Open Air · The Deadly Standard · The Biker · The Situation Diffuser · The Darn Tootin'

Both factions

The Pandemic · The Reigndeer · Frosty Face

Engineer Sybil Herrera

Flat Top · The Combatant · The Roughneck · The Amantis

Hilda Hertz

Pin-up · Franky · The Jockette · The Warden

Both factions

Wreath Crown

multiple classes In Shop

The Stars and Stripes · The Graduate · The Stahlhelm


The Royal Highness · Zork Head