The Invincibility Tonic is the renamed version of Ignore Pain Elixer consumable in Blitz Brigade. When used it gives the user five seconds of immunity similar to the spawn protection. An interesting fact: On Madagascar the user can run over the lava, but it doesn't protect him against falling into places such as river, etc.

Many people use this consumable when they charge into the opponent's base in Capture the Flag in order to avoid being killed whilst obtaining the flag safely. However this consumable is basically ruining the game. Due to the power of invincibility they can kill whilst not dying for 5 sec. And also Hackers are using this in the game, but when people are using Ignore Pain Elixir too much it's better to leave the game. Because you're encouraging the player to use the consumable for too much. (That means when you stay too long and got killed many times he will severarly use th

Note that in multiple recent updates, the cooldown timer for consumable items was extended to exceed the duration of the consumable's effect. For tonics, this change leaves a 1 second window of vulnerability, so players who chain tonic after tonic are not completely invincible.


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