Division Explanation

Divisions are rankings in Blitz Brigade that divide the players in three groups: The Bronze, the Silver Division, and the Gold division. The divisions were added in the Update 12. As you earn points by killing or dying, you can rank up or get DE-ranked. It's also possible to get in a higher division by buying a weapon of that division. However it's highly recommended not to do that, since unskilled players will have to fight against skilled ones. It's not possible to go back to a bronze or silver once in a player reached a higher division. The Soldier and Gunner default weapons are not categorized under a division.

Gold Division Edit

The Gold Division, which is called 'Blitz Brigade', allows you to unlock the Apex of Annihilation rank. The Apex of Annihilation rank unlocks a challenge where you need to complete 100 matches. When it was introduced for the first time, it was already 100 matches during it's first release, but it has been changed to 300 to balance the game-play by it's next update, update 13. However, since the Engineer Update, it was changed back to 100. The first reward that comes in the 100 matches is always The Royal Highness. The other rewards are some weapons of the VIP-content such as the Cupid Commando, the Season's Greetings, the Auld Lang Syne, the Candy Blast, the Frostwork, the Deep Freeze, The Jefferson and the Red Glare, which is also the only way you can get the last weapon.