consumables are single-use items that give the user a positive effect upon use in Blitz Brigade. Consumables can be used during multiplayer matches, but also in a Training mission. You can get these, sometimes a couple, by buying them with coins or with diamonds, but it doesn't really matter what you buy them with, you always get the same amount. You've also got a chance to get some during the match by picking up a supply crate. However, in the earlier updates, they changed the weaponry of the Supply crates a lot, and now, you can only get the Medikit and the Ammo Belt. Before, you could win consumables and you didn't have to use immediately or save them for later use or in another match. There is a daily reward system which gives you a couple free consumables, but you can get even more of them with the VIP system. In the training you have to choose which consumables you want just before starting the match. Note that you can't use the consumables you've already bought in the shop!


Grenade · Back-to-school Grenade · Boom-O'-Lantern · Easter Egg · Cold Snap · Heart Attack · Incendiary Grenade · EMP Grenade · Selective Apocalypse · Kamikaze Manual

defend / improve attack

Invincibility Tonic · Grenade Keychain · Damage Increaser · Laughing Gas Grenade · Revolver Belt Buckle · Phoenix Insignia · Rabbit's Foot · Smiley Badge · Sword Badge · Lucky Charm · Bronze Medal · Silver Medal · Gold Medal


Jet Pack · Medikit · Shield Recharge · Lifesaver · Recharge Kit · Ammo Belt