Bundles are alternative methods of purchasing items in Blitz Brigade. They can only be bought with real money, not with coins or diamonds. Due the fact that they have not been changed since they were made, it's possible to buy weapons that have been removed from the Shop, but all weapons a player already has won't be refunded in diamonds. The weapons that are bought with a bundle can be upgraded to premium already. There are currently 8 bundles available in the game.

Starter Pack Real Money

Starter Pack

Elite Pack Real Money

Elite Pack

SCI-FI Pack Real Money


Cutting-Edge Pack Real Money

Cutting-Edge Pack

Experimental Pack Real Money

Experimental Pack

Demolisher Pack Real Money

Demolisher Pack

Engineer Pack Real money

Engineer's Toolkit

Mystery Bundle Real money

Mystery Bundle

  • Weapons that haven't been bought yet
  • Hats that haven't been bought yet
  • Consumables
  • Vehicles that haven't been bought yet
  • Skill points
  • Coins
  • Diamonds