The Blitz Chopper, which was called the Helicopter before, is a vehicle in Blitz Brigade. It has 1750 HP and 3500 when upgraded. It deals between 110 and 130, and between 165 and 195 when upgraded. This deadly vehicle was one of the most powerful and is a master at patrolling the skies before the crusher update came out. Some smart snipers used this vehicle to take them to high places that are otherwise normally not accessible, like on top of the airship at Malta Fort. Unfortunately, it has the most inaccurate gun of all three vehicles (40% less than the 4x4). It is based off of the Flettner FI 282, a Nazi armored helicopter nicknamed the Hummingbird. Another helicopter variation has been added, taking the appearance of the UN-1N Iroquois, commonly nicknamed the "Huey".

Helicopter Edit

The Helicopter was a vehicle placed somewhere close to each team mini-base. It was a free vehicle that could be used by it's own team as well as the enemy's team. In shop it could be upgraded with 300,000 coins or an unknown low amount of diamonds.

Tips Edit

  • Stay conservative as the helicopter's main gun will overheat if not properly used, like the 4x4's turret gun.
  • Avoid Gunners and Snipers as they can inflict a large amount of damage to the helicopter, side strafing works best unless dealing with a moving vehicle (upgrading the Helicopter is a good idea).
Spawning Station

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