The Armory was the area in the Shop where the player can select taunts, greetings and kill signatures, buy weapons and equip them. It's more likely used as a quick menu for In game. This little menu has been removed and you are not be able to see all your equipment at one screen anymore. However, that little menu was very useful to quickly see what's equipped, and even switching between class to see their load-outs before re-spawning.

The armory is also added as content, being part of a map, more likely as a re-spawn place. It is located at your base (spawning area) or near the vehicle spawning station and you can locate both the Allies' as the Axis' armory like Flags, spawning stations, marked vehicles... on your mini-map. However, in update 16, the manual re-spawn function has been removed and the players have to pick up supply crates to refill their ammo and health, or just simply kill themselves.
This has a positive effect and a negative: It's useful for beginners who never have the chance to kill a better player, because those players mostly run back towards their base to re-spawn and keep their XP meter running. More XP means more gold in the match. So now it's not that easy anymore and the chances between non-VIP's are almost equal.
In the higher levels of Blitz Brigade, the problem is that there is still no limit on the consumables and, if those people that have a hole in their pocket, just can't win, will keep buying tonics and medkits as if it's for free and they'll thereby spam it when they need it.
At the end, all the VIP's will be stuck at the highest division and they'll quit because the level of playing increased and he felt bored. The loyal-player will get frustrated because he always keeps getting defeated by money.