Allies Emblem
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The Allies are one of two teams that appear in Blitz Brigade. The Allies, by class appearance, appear to be a mix of various countries that were part of the Allies in World War II. The Gunner is an American, the Sniper is from the Soviet Union (due to the accent), the Stealth is from France (he says Vive" la Resistance!" in a heavy French accent), the Medic is from England (the accent is British even though he is using a helmet that resembeles an American M1 Helmet), and the Soldier is from Scotland (one of his Greetings is "Reporting for duty" which he says in a Scottish accent and says "The Pipes are calling you home, Boyo!" which refers to the Scottish bagpipe instrument) and the Demoisher is also from the Soviet Union (due to accent as well).